About mensplace

Our mensplace service aims to support and enable men to address relationship and family issues, whether single, partnered, separated or re-partnered.

A variety of courses are offered, all using a strength-based approach which acknowledges that men can bring different perspectives to relationship issues.

Mensplace has the following value statements.

The nature of men is not fixed

We understand and respect the complexity of forces that contribute to how each person is and will become in the future

Men have the ability to change

Men have potential to adapt and develop to new situations and challenges, especially in family situations

Respect, valuing diversity and acceptance

The changing nature of men will lead to multiple expressions of what it means to be a man in this century

Holistic approach

Men’s roles in families cannot be considered in isolation but as a part of society as a whole

Strength and asset-based

Men are resourceful and creative and capable of great achievements.Mensplace encourages and affirms a positive way of regarding men

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