Dads raising girls

08 Apr, 2015

“I’m the only male in my household of four and, hey, I’d sure like to hear what that’s like for others here tonight.”

This was one father’s opening contribution to a group discussion during recent Dads Raising Girls workshop.

The workshops attracts all kinds of fathers ranging in ages and backgrounds. All have daughters, some pre-school and teenage. Some are separated or divorced, others live with their wife and children. Most came along for a little enlightenment and reassurance. It was smiles all round when one asked for “permission to speak, sir.”

Ken, the group facilitator, invited the Dads to reconsider a few “myths” about parenting.  A long standing one is that 'Mothers are more important than fathers to children.'

After five minutes of animated discussion the general agreement was that both parents are enormously important to children’s development and self-esteem. Dads have just as big an influence as mothers in the parenting process.

Our next Dads Raising Girls workshop will be on the Wednesday 22 April from 6.30 - 9pm at the Joondalup branch. Click here for more infomation or to register your interest.